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Although best known for the hit songs "Just The Way It Is, Baby" and "I'll Be There For You [the theme from Friends]," The Rembrandts have been making music together for nearly 40 years. Danny Wilde and Phil Solem's earliest collaborations date back their 1970s band Great Buildings. But it was in 1990 when the Solem traveled from his home in Minneapolis to visit in Wilde in Los Angeles to write and record some demos that would eventually become The Rembrandts debut. Since then, The Rembrandts have sold millions of albums, earned a Grammy nomination, and garnered critical acclaim. Their signature harmonies and catchy hooks have attracted fans all around the world. With additional Top 40 hits like "Johnny Have You Seen Her," "Someone," "Burning Timber" and "This House Is Not A Home" the band continues to tour 25 years after their first hit. In 2016 the The Rembrandts plan to release their newest album, Via Satellite.


Top Hits Include:

1. I'll Be There For You

2. Just The Way It Is, Baby

3. Someone

4. The Way She Smiles

5. Rollin' Down The Hill


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