Steve Augeri


Drawing on a range of diverse musical influences to deliver a unique take on the genre of melodic rock, Steve Augeri is an American rock singer best known as the lead vocalist for the rock group Journey from 1998 to 2006. 


In 1997, Steve received a phone call from both Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon and was offered an audition to front the legendary rock band Journey.

In 1998, Augeri was officially named the group’s lead vocalist and the first "official" lead vocalist since the departure of Steve Perry. For the next eight years Augeri and the band toured almost constantly to reclaim their standing as one of America’s premier rock bands. The song "Remember Me", from the seven-times-platinum soundtrack album from the movie Armageddon, represents Augeri’s recording debut with the band, followed by the album Arrival in 2001, and the EP "Red 13", in 2002. The album Generations, released in 2005, would be his last studio album with the group.  A final testament to Steve and the band’s success is attained when the live DVD of their Las Vegas concert, recorded in December 2000, titled Journey 2001, acquired platinum status.


Today, Steve and his band continue to excite his fans and audiences around the globe with his soaring vocal performances and the Journey songs that everyone remembers and loves to sing along with.


Top Hits Include:

1. Don't Stop Beliveing

2. Separate Ways

3. Stone In Love

4. Who's Crying Now

5. Open Arms


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